Rack and Pinion Steering for the mid-fifties Fords

By Jim Culver

There has been no attempt to make my ‘56 Fairlane a “correct” car, since there are so many things available now to enhance safety and performance.  The following pictures and text will show you what the “Fatman Fabrications” Rack and Pinion setup looks like when installed.  This article has generated a lot of interest from both Fairlane and T-Bird owners.

As an alternative to the stock 89-94 Cavalier R&P unit, a unit from the Cavalier Z74 (sporty edition) may be used.  This will give a quicker steering ratio. Thanks to Frank Jurek for the alternative ratio information.

The Steering box and mount to the left frame rail

The center support that bolts to the R&P unit and the tie rods bolted to it.

Another view of the central piece

Right end of R&P unit where it is bolted/welded to the right Frame rail

Guess I could tell you it was a tough installation, but you can see from these pictures that ol Jim would be telling stories!  You can purchase the kit (everything except the R&P unit itself) from Fatman Fabrications in North Carolina.  The actual R&P unit is available from any local parts house. It is designed to fit an 89-94 Ch**y Cavalier. (Sorry, just couldn’t say it)!